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Welcome to Balaji Institute of Education!
Balaji Institute of Education is a coaching institute that was founded in 2012 by Professor Chirag S Advani with the aim of making education fun and engaging for children. Professor Advani's own experience of disliking studies as a child, but realizing its importance as an adult, led him to establish a coaching institute that would help children enjoy learning as much as they enjoy their other activities. Over time, what started as a home tuition with just a handful students, has grown into the highly- regarded coaching classes that we offer today. At Balaji Institute of Education, we are proud to provide one-on-one attention to our students, ensuring that their individual needs are met and that they receive the personalized attention they require to achieve academic success.
We believe that nothing should stand in the way of learning, which is why we have also introduced distance education programs for both students and professionals. This enables us to make education accessible to everyone, regardless of their schedules or other commitments.
We take pride in providing top-notch facilities and experienced teachers who create a warm and friendly environment for children to learn. Our classes are designed to be engaging and fun, while maintaining a high standard of education. Regular assessments are conducted to monitor growth, and to ensure that our students are on track to achieve their desired results.
We understand that selecting the right coaching classes for your child can be a daunting task. We assure you that at Balaji Institute of Education, we prioritize our students' wellbeing and provide a supportive environment to facilitate their success.
We invite all parents to experience the difference at Balaji Institute of Education. Our team is available to answer any queries you may have and to help you embark on the path to success. Join us on our mission to make education an exciting and fun experience, and let us help your child discover the joy of learning.

Suresh D. Advani

President ( Board of director)

Prakash G. Navani

C.E.O. ( Board of director)

From the Director’s Desk

Prof. Chirag Suresh Advani (B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed., MBA, PG DTM, UGC SET)

Founder and Managing Director ( Board of Director )

Dear Students and Parents,
As the Managing Director Balaji Institute of Education, I am committed to making education fun andaccessible for all students. I firmly believe that students should prioritize their studies not because theyare told to do so, but because they enjoy studying as much as they love playing.
Growing up, I too disliked studying, but as an adult, I understand the importance of education and makingit enjoyable. That's why I have put my heart and soul into making studies fun for children.
I am dedicated to creating an environment where learning is engaging, exciting, and fulfilling.
At Balaji Institute of Education, we offer a range of programs and courses designed to help students excelin their academic pursuits.
Our team of experienced educators is passionate about teaching and strives tobring out the best in every student.
Thank you for considering us as your educational partner. We look forward to helping you achieve youracademic goals while enjoying the learning process.

Why Choose us

Experienced Tutor

We instruct and coach from our hearts. We feel that our students’ brains have to be respected and shall be treasured as we strive to take care of their needs and instill fun in learning.

Weekly tests

The main reason to include a weekly test to our curriculum is to overcome the exam fair from students mind. Except that lots of other advantages are present in the weekly revision exam.

Result Oriented

We provide a positive environment to the child which increases their confidence in studies. We guarantee that we will provide 100% satisfaction to our students, as our faculties are committed to their work.






Years of experience



Our Experienced Tutor

Prof. Chirag Sures Advani

Qualification :B.Com, M.Com(Accounts), B.Ed(commerce), MBA(Marketing), Diploma in Taxation

Designation : Founder

Specialization : Acounts and Taxation

Prof. Gaurav Rajgor

Qualification : B.Com, LLB

Designation : HOD (Placement cell)

Specialization : Law

Prof. Kiran pashte

Qualification : M.Sc (Maths)

Designation : HOD (Distance Education)

Specialization : Maths

CA Hardik Saraf

Qualification : B.Com, CA

Designation : HOD (P.G. section)

Specialization : Accounts and Indirect Tax

Prof. Rahul Agarwal

Qualification :B.Com, PGDM

Designation : HOD (Jr. College section)

Specialization : Commerce and management

Prof. Rahul Kashap

Qualification : B.Tech (Computer Engg)

Designation : Faculty

Specialization : IT

Prof. Simran khatri

Qualification : MA(Economics)

Designation : Faculty

Specialization : Social studies and Economics

Prof. Rupesh Kannoujia

Qualification : M.Com, UGC NET JRF

Designation : Faculty

Specialization : UGC NET/SET

Prof. Swapna Acharya

Qualification : M.Com, LLB

Designation : Faculty

Specialization : Law

Prof. Amrita kuldeep

Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed.

Designation : Faculty

Specialization : Home Tutions

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